Changes Within Changes

Are you frustrated and overwhelmed?

Changes within changes is what happens when we go through something tough in our lives. I’ve been asked the question on how do I handle frustration, overwhelming stress and a lot of emotions while learning a new job, building my network marketing business, finding a new place to live, living in a new state, moving, unpacking and all of that kind of stuff.

How do I handle a massive change like that?

While building my own business as well, developing a great product to give to you all of you for free and developing our 2nd product for sale.

Yes, change is crazy. You get tired of keeping up with the new world that you are in and there is always the tendency to expect a lot from yourself.

The adjustment does not happen overnight.

laptop lifestyle

When the exhaustion is about to take over, I try to go to the beach and relax. Literally trading my expectations to appreciating the beauty of the sunset or the crashing waves, realizing that my expectations are way too little compared to the beauty there is to appreciate.

Watch this video and learn how to handle changes within change, how to have peace amidst seeming chaos in your life.


Hope that helped you… now let me know how that changes the way you act each day in your business!

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About the authorJohan Van Aarde is a Social Entrepreneur, Network Marketing Professional & Business Developer. His mission is to mentor people and support them in building a business that will give them financial and time freedom, by experiencing the science of achievement while enjoying the art of fulfillment through growth and contribution. At the same time giving them a passion for helping make a huge difference in the lives of families all over the world. He is a child of Yeshua Messiah, World Traveler, Father & Husband of 26 yrs. Love Surfing, Bodysurfing, Rugby, health and fitness, everything Hawaii, health, and fitness, red wine, grilling outside, feeding orphans & spreading the Good News.
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