insider secrets: advanced nutrition to take fat loss up a step

Success Workbook – Insider Secrets: Advanced Nutrition To Take Fat Loss Up a Step

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insider secrets: advanced nutrition to take fat loss up a step


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This foreword by Dr JL Nash Explains it perfectly.

In a time where you could spend a fortune hunting for the right book to help you lose weight – it’s refreshing to find a no-nonsense e-book which not only sets things out logically, because weight loss /maintenance, like all successful things, need planning, but also breaks down the nitty-gritty of weight loss and exercise and explains each step by step process that needs to be known, like how to calculate exactly what your body needs to lose weight or what kind of exercise benefits certain goals. 

Losing weight is scientific and not difficult to do despite the many failed attempts you might have experienced. I, myself, have followed the steps and guidelines of this book, under the mentorship of Johan Van Aarde as my online coach over the past years and I have lost and kept off 45 kgs (100 pounds) successfully.

Now, I am part of his online team, which keeps me accountable for my food and exercise and reminds me of what I need to do. When I feel like I want to fall off the wagon, he’s there with all the good advice, which is now inside this amazing little e-book. What has been the key to my success? Every bit of advice in this e-book. 

How fantastic that all these amazing points and references are now available to everyone and in a format that can be easily accessed, computer, tablet and smartphone. 

The one thing I can attest to is that this book is a result of a culmination of experience and hard work and the results not only sit with Johan Van Aarde but also with all those who have benefited from the knowledge. I am one of many who have been coached by Johan and who continue to experience a positive body image, a realistic approach to food and exercise and support in knowing that all I have to do, is check in with what works, and get back on the horse. 

As you read this book I know you will recognize parts of your own behavior. We all do.

Once you stop nodding and beating yourself up about past failures, look at each chapter as separate chinks of information and in time, you’ll be able to assimilate the information and quite easily succeed. 

Honesty, experience and results is what this e-book holds and from that, an integrity that will prove invaluable in your own life as you manage and understand your own body in terms of weight loss and weight management.

It’s not meant to be a definitive encyclopedia. It’s the kick-start and foundation essential for your own success. Enjoy reading this as I have and benefit from the succinct points and straightforward approach.

It’s a little gem, this book and one you must have! 

Jl Nash 

What will my results look like?

The pictures and testimonials below are not just about the Challenge Groups and the fitness programs we do, as none of us would have seen these results or be in this shape, if we did not follow the principles of exercise, nutrition and lifestyle that is contained in this book.

We and many many others all have this book, have studied it and are daily applying the principles.

That is the Secret to Our Success.

We expand further on it in our Support & Encouragement Groups(fitness, nutrition, motivation) which are done as closed secret Facebook Groups(membership) with daily tips, advice and encouragement.

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angela mar


P90X2 was the program I used to prepare for my first Tough Mudder this past August. I had been running marathons and half marathons for 4 years, but I wasn’t sure what to expect with this kind of event. I wanted to make sure I was strong enough in every way to get through without a struggle. I completed the event fairly easily and managed to get through every single obstacle. Additionally the balance aspect of x2 was excellent as we spent a lot of time on hills navigating very slippery mud. With X3 coming out, naturally I’m going to give it a try! With the promise of results in 30 minutes a day, how could I refuse!? Many times, I’m intimidated by the amount of time some workouts take. The issue for me is not that I mind spending that much time working out, but that a I want to continue running long distances and the training for that can already be very time consuming during certain parts of the year. So this seems like a perfect way to find that balance. I’m very excited to see what kind of results I’ll get!! Angela M.



superfood challenge


P90X helped me tone up and I lost 15 pounds in 90 days. (In my mind I thought I only had 5 pounds to lose.) I went down 2 dress sizes. I literally saw my body start to change at the end of the 3rd week. These visible changes really helped keep me motivated. I was so impressed with the program I became a Beachbody coachso I could help others with P90X and other Beachbody programs. Thanks Coach Johan for inviting me to the your group and be a part of the Beachbody Challenge . It was the key in helping me reach my goals and continously supporting me! ~ Trish I




My Own Transformation

  • This book will teach you so many things you might not know, but in a simple straight forward no-nonsense way. It comes from years of personal experience and coaching fitness and nutrition to thousands of people.
  • It also comes from years of reading and studying books, magazines, online articles and attending seminars.
  • It will Jumpstart your journey, even if your goal is just better health.
  • This book is a must, regardless if you are ready to join our groups or not – Coach Johan

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