Winning Habits That Successful People Do When They Commute

Do you know what successful do while they travel to and from work? People may assume that they are always pressured because they devote so much time for their progressing career or business.

However, amidst their busy time, successful people do these things while they commute. It’s surprising to know that they still find time to improve themselves while they travel.

They devote time for their personal growth.

Successful people don’t focus on their work all the time. Instead, they commit on enriching themselves while they travel. When they commute, they use the time to enjoy the moment. Despite their busy schedule, they have time to read e-books, listen to audio or music or read their favorite novels.

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Commuting can be their form of exercise.

People who are busy with their career know how traveling to work can be a way to be healthy. Instead of driving their car or taking the shuttle, they prefer coming to work by biking or walking. They value their health that they don’t mind sweating a little when reporting to their work. They have good reasons to continue this practice because one study from the Internal Medicine reported that 16 percent of people who biked or walked to work had maintained their blood pressure, triglycerides and insulin levels. They were also less likely to be overweight.

They set their goals early.

Smart people know how they will reach their goals. “They begin with the end in mind.” These people know what they need to achieve. They begin their day knowing the things that they need to finish by first focusing on the activities that motivates them he most. This increases their productivity and avoid procrastination.

They know that everything takes time.

Although successful people know that they need to complete their projects as early as possible, they also know that everything takes time and shouldn’t be rushed. They hate being in a hurry. When they commute, they leave early to do other things, such as stopping at a coffee shop or buying their favorite pastry. Rushing to work lowers happiness and increases stress, according to productivity coach Hillary Rettig. Reserving extra time for relaxation provides a sense of control and a sense of relief.

They use the time traveling to generate ideas.

Successful people don’t just commute to reach their offices. They use the time to find inspirations by observing, looking and listening to the things and people that surround them. Their eyes and ears are open. They value the time to find ideas. This could also be a time to start a conversation with other commuters.

They learn the ways of how to be smart.

While commuting, they find ways on how they can improve their mental health. Instead of just traveling, they make use of their time to listen to wonderful inspirational speeches.

They know how to build friendships.

These people don’t waste a single time commuting and at the same time socializing. It’s a great time to network with friends, who value their work, and someone you can exchange work ideas with. Go on a carpool to listen to their personal and career stories. There’s no time wasted while they travel with a friend.

They use the time to spark their romances.

Successful people don’t really have much time to date their loves ones. Driving together to work is a wonderful time to bond, update and reconnect despite their busy schedules.


Sally Doe is a Business Communications coach, writer and life speaker on treatment for heroin addicts. She assists her clients in boosting their online business and by presenting it with impact.


Hope that helped you… now let me know how that changes the way you act each day in your business!